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Hatchee Creek Farms

Belle, Missouri

Belle, Missouri is home to Hatchee Creek Farms where Garry and Sundra Mistler have raised their three children and a registered Hereford cow herd. The Mistlers have a legacy built on serving their community and prioritizing quality genetics and docility in their Hereford herd. Garry has sold cattle in nearly every single bi-annual sale hosted by the Central Missouri Polled Hereford Breeders Association (CMPHBA), but before Garry was a cattleman, he was a serviceman. After marrying his high school sweetheart, Sundra, Garry spent 20 years in the military as he served in Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, and several army posts across the US. Garry believes that his previous experience in the military has made him a timely and organized cattleman.

A portion of the Mistlers current Hereford cow herd

Garry grew up in Belle, Missouri, and spent his summers showing livestock. He wanted to provide his three children the same opportunity, so when it came time, Garry purchased cattle for his children to show from the CMPHBA sale.

As their herd expanded, Garry enjoyed helping his children, and eventually his grandchildren, show livestock. They exhibited mostly home-raised cattle and sold several head of cattle to other exhibitors. Garry supports his local fairs because he believes showing livestock is a great opportunity for children to build character.

“They gain a sense of responsibility because it is their job to take care of their animal, and if they’re taught right, it will also teach them sportsmanship,” Garry said.

Garry’s involvement in selling and showing livestock has been a rewarding experience as hehas sold cattle to customers in Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas. At the Missouri State Fair, his cattlehave been named senior, intermediate, and division champions for the Hereford breed. Garryvalues the docility of his cattle and halter breaks each heifer and bull before they are sold in the sale.

“I make sure they’re gentle,” Garry said. “I’m proud of the animals I have taken to the state sale.”

Garry credits his wife, children, and grandchildren for their help with herd management,especially with halter breaking and working the cow herd.


In December 2022, Garry was inducted into the Missouri Hereford Association (MHA) Hall ofFame. Garry has received local recognition from the Belle Fair but was humbled and surprisedto receive such an honorable award at the state level.


“It really surprised me because I’ve always felt like a little fish in a big pond with all the Herefordbreeders,” Garry said.

Despite his surprise, Garry is a well-deserving hall-of-famer. Garry has been a member of theCMPHBA for 40 years and a member of the MHA for 25 years. He has served as a boardmember and has sold cattle in nearly 50 CMPHBA sales.For many years, Sundra and their daughter-in-law would provide lunch for the exhibitors at theBelle Community Fair, and Garry and Sundra have gone as far as to build a new show ring onthe fairgrounds. In preparation for the CMPHBA sale, Garry voluntarily hangs up thepromotional sign for the sale, takes it down, and keeps it at his house between sale seasons.On many occasions, Garry and Sundra have hosted traveling families at their home for theCMPHBA sale.


At the age of 82, Garry has reduced his herd size by nearly half. However, he still plans to beinvolved in the sale for the coming years as he values the opportunity to market his cattle andenjoys the fellowship within the breed organization.


“I’ve met a lot of great friends,” Garry said. "That has been very rewarding”

Garry with his grandson,
Patrick,showing at the
Missouri State Fair.

Garry showing the bull
with his son, Brian.

Garry showing the bull

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